Marine Hub Cornwall gives you access to a world-leading network of thought leaders and research facilities, to help you prepare, launch and commercialise even the most ambitious of projects.

We are fortunate to count University of Exeter and Plymouth University among our partners. The University of Exeter specialises in resource assessment, hydrodynamics, marine operations, marine policy and offshore reliability. While Plymouth University’s Marine Institute provides experts in oceanography, hydrography, marine biology, shipping and navigation.

Our research facilities are second to none. The COAST Laboratory at Plymouth University provides a unique capability for research and testing of wave and tidal energy technology, at scales suitable for single device or array testing, as well as for offshore engineering, coastal engineering and environmental impact modelling. Also available are the University of Exeter’s Dynamic Marine Component Test Rig (DMaC) and the South West Mooring Test Facility.

Both universities are founding members of the Partnership for Research in Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE), a network of world-class research institutions focused on addressing the challenges facing the marine energy industry.